California Seascapes Photography by Steven Thompson




      Please be aware that the pictures shown here have been degraded down to lowest possible resolutions for viewing purposes only and to help speed download times. Due to individual monitor inconsistencies it is nearly impossible to display exactly what will be seen in print, in other words you can expect the print to look much better than what is able to be shown here. The print process starts with the image being captured with a very high resolution digital camera. After a series of proof prints are made the final print is output from one of the best quality laser printers available, giving some of the finest available quality prints available today on "Fuji Crystal Archive" matte finish paper which has been estimated to last 70+ years. These prints are exceptional in quality and will most likely last a lifetime.

       The print will be shipped carefully sleeved and packaged to ensure it arrives to you in its original condition and I also offer a full refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason within 14 days of the purchase date. I can be contacted directly by e-mail through the link at the bottom lower left of each page, with any questions you may have.



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California Seascapes Photography